3 Easy Ways To Drive 200 Unique Visitors a Day To Your Site

It is very easy to make money on the Internet you can promote affiliate programs or have paid per click ads on your site, there are many website owners generating thousands of dollars a month and there is only one secret to it, traffic yes without traffic, here I show you 3 easy to use tactics to generate over 200 unique visitors a day and hundreds of page views.

1. First to get free search engine traffic you will need to get a couple of high pr one way links why? Well first a PR6 or PR7 site will get thousands of visitors a day, by having a link on one of those sites it will send traffic to your website here is a list of sites where you can buy PR6 text link ads for as little as $10 dollars a month.

2. Submit your site to website directories, yes this still works I usually go to sites like this one and add my site and wait a couple of days, after the link is approved you will start to see the traffic flow.

3. Finally I use pay per click to drive traffic to my sites, some people say is expensive there are many ad networks where you can buy ads for a little as $.01 cents per click.

Use this techniques and the money will come easy, why well when you promote your site using this tactics you will expose your site to people, if you have a site with good content and good design readers will keep coming back to you for more information when using pay per click also remember to measure your success, you want to make sure that at least 30% of that paid traffic returns to your site.

Source: http://www.articleavenue.com


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