Web Developer and Network Support

Recently, i hired as a web developer in a certain company. I created websites and blogs. I created links, advertisement and other related to website development. I created website like www.adcebuilder.com, www.dauis.info, www.mixtutorials.net78.net. In creating website, one must know the programming language that is html, php and css. CSS, or Cascading Styles Sheets, is a way to style HTML. Whereas the HTML is the content, the style sheet is the presentation of that document. PHP is a scripting language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. Creating websites is a nice hobby and also you can earn money through it.

Aside from a web developer, i also work as a network support for the company's ISP(Internet Service Provider) operation's . I configured wireless network eqipments, routers and switches like alied telesyn, d-link, multitech, wireless equipement like skypilot networks. I also installed wi-fi in certain areas in our province.


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